Nintendo: Sony NGP is competition... but so are YouTube, blogs and the cinema

But we're competing with any kind of entertainment, says Euro boss

Nintendo of Europe marketing boss, Laurent Fisher has said his company doesn't deny competition from Sony's NGP, but said it sees "any kind of entertainment" as a rival.

Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, fisher completely echoed comments made by Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai, that it sees "any kind of entertainment" as competition for its handheld.


Asked to what extent Sony's NGP announcement stole limelight from 3DS, Fisher told Edge:

"Basically my short-term goal is to make sure as many people as possible try Nintendo 3DS. It's not that we're denying competition. The thing is, we can't plan how we should respond to the competition because the competition is mainly limited to the hardware.

"Every day we will find new competition," he added. "Taking a broader view, we're competing with any kind of entertainment. You go to the cinema, whatever. We only have limited time and money to allocate to entertainment.

"Video games are no longer unique as interactive entertainment - even blogs and YouTube provide interactivity. So Nintendo, and video games generally, have to come back to that unique experience, that unique surprise, that makes sure people return to us. If we fail to do that, consumers will go somewhere else."

In a near identical statement, the NGP firm said this week it thinks "movie, TV and even drinking party can be its rivals."

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