WWE All Stars: One for classic wrestling fans?

Wrasslin' stars new and old collide in this OTT scrapper...

While we love SmackDown vs. Raw and its ever-increasing list of features, sometimes the action can get really drawn out.

Whether it is wandering around the back-stage areas, wading through DIY storylines or getting caught up in an epic, long (to the point of boredom) TLC match, sometimes you simply want to jump in and give somebody a bloody good walloping.

THQ's last arcade-style wrestling beat-'em-up, WWE Legends of WrestleMania, scored quite well with critics but the completely new WWE All Stars is even better.

For starters, we think the new, mega beefy caricatured fighters look great and they set you up for what to expect: ludicrous, exaggerated special moves, high-flying action and instantaneous fun.


WWE All Stars is a pared-back wrestling experience but there's definitely the chance to add finesse. Reversal moves can be pulled off by each wrestler and fighter type (such as Brawler, Grappler, Acrobat and Big Man) means you can perfect different move sets and see how they can counteract each other.

While Legends of Wrestlemania was about recreating iconic matches from the past, All Stars is more about creating the matches that should have happened without the restrictions of time; The Rock vs John Cena or Andre the Giant taking on Rey Mysterio, for example.

Plus, of course, a bunch more ultimate, macho, pale, hulking wrestlers that we aren't allowed to mention...

While exaggerated scrapping is very much the order of the day, WWE All Stars will also feature a Story mode and a Pathof Champions mode and will even cater for your own created wrestlers.

Close Close

WWE purists may dismiss it as a lightweight, kiddie beat-'em-up, but we had our minds cast back to brilliantly daft scrappers like Def Jam: Fight For New York as we played it. We'll find out more come April.

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