Modern Warfare 2 patch to address security issues 'on all platforms'

Infinity Ward says fix is now in QA, "should be ready for release shortly"

Infinity Ward is to release a new patch for Modern Warfare 2 addressing online security issues on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

"We have a patch in development to address the issues in Modern Warfare 2 that should be ready for release shortly," IW creative strategist Robert Bowling said on Twitter this week.

"The latest Modern Warfare 2 patch, to address online security issues, will release for all platforms and is now in QA," he added.


Bowling said last month that Infinity Ward hadn't given up the fight against PS3 hackers intent on ruining the game for legitimate players, but that it couldn't rectify widespread problems until Sony addressed PS3 security breaches.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]