Killzone 3: 'Now I'm in a tank, now I've got a jetpack'

Guerrilla producer talks Call of Duty, NGP and 3D...

Killzone 3's critical reception has been very respectable, with some mixed but ultimately top-end scores. (You can read CVG's own Killzone 3 review through here.)

The game's multiplayer options were pretty much praised across the board by critics - an area that many FPS fans would attribute as being the main reason why they choose a particular franchise over another.


If you want to beat the big names, though, you also need something that's going to make you stand-out from the crowd. If the gushier reviews are anything to go by, Killzone's ace in the hole is visual presentation like no other - something we can certainly vouch for. Guerrilla's gone one step forward by maintaining such graphical fidelity with full 3D effects and chucking the PlayStation Move into the mix.

We spoke to Killzone 3's producer Steven Ter Heide to discuss everything Guerrilla's latest has to offer and whether it can stand up to - or even topple - the competition.

How important is 3D to the gaming experience today and will it increase in importance in the future?

I think it's going to be more important, it's early days for 3D. I try to compare it to going from mono music to stereo music, it doesn't change the music per se but it does make the whole experience much richer.

So I think there will be new advancements in 3D, which will make it more common for people to start consuming all of their stuff in 3D.

I think gamers in that respect are an important catalyst because games lends themselves to it.

You've got the Move controller, obviously you don't have too many options what with being a Sony exclusive...

We have an option.

Do you consider the Move to be the motion controller of choice for FPS games?

For me personally I would say I would probably play with the Dualshock still because I've grown up on Dualshock, I like how it feels, I know where the buttons are, I don't have to learn a new control set so that's fine.


But occasionally I like the Sharpshooter, I've played a lot with it, obviously, and occasionally I will just sit there and go nuts and feel like I'm actually wielding a gun so there are options there.

But I do see other people... We've done a lot of play testing with Move because it's early days with that technology, trying to find out the best configuration, what's the best control method, and we found initially that it's a lot of casual people that it will appeal to - that was our initial thought.

But we quickly found that because of the accuracy of the Move that appealed to the other end of the spectrum, the very, very hardcore guys who use their mouse and just want to exactly pin-point where the bullets are going and that really works for them as well.

So that's why you can see, in the options menu for instance we've got full lock on and a really easy setting, to no lock on whatsoever and you just have to point and aim where you want to go.

What's the main thing that you want players to see this time that's different from Killzone 2?

I want them to see more of Killzone. I think with Killzone 2 we stayed too long in the urban setting, there wasn't enough variety towards the first half of the game. There was more variety towards the end but a lot of people didn't get to there.

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