Capcom doesn't rule out Okami sequels

Producer urges fans to write letters

Capcom producer, Motohide Eshiro has said the publisher hasn't ruled out future sequels in the fan-favourite Okami and God Hand series.

Speaking in an interview with CVG cousins GamesRadar, Eshiro discussed the prospect of a sequel to Okami following the release of DS title Okamiden, of which he is involved.

"That's going to depend a lot on the reaction of the fanbase," he said.

According to the Capcom man the DS title has received a warm reception in Japan, however European and US sales are an important factor.

"The game's been out in Japan for a little while, and we're pleased with the reviews - users seem to be very happy - and sales are healthy."


"We'll see what happens here in North America on March 15," he added. "How many people deem the game worth playing, how they feel about it once they've played it."

Eshiro went on to reveal that he was a big fan of cult classic God Hand and that he would love to see it return.

"I thought it had really dynamic gameplay of focusing not on blocking but on constantly dodging and moving. It was really fun and refreshing, and it would be great to see that turned into a series."

The Okamiden producer advised fans to send Capcom e-mails expressing interest in the game to support internal efforts.

"Look up Capcom's address online right now and send us some letters... and see what happens. It gets a lot easier to push an idea through management if it looks like we have a lot of support for it!" advised Eshiro.

The Capcom producer has also told Official Nintendo Magazine why the original Okami flopped when it was initially released on PlayStation 2 in 2007, saying it was released on the wrong console at the wrong time.

[ SOURCE: GamesRadar ]