Walking Dead game inbound from Telltale

Along with game based on Fables book series

Telltale Games has scooped the rights to produce a game based on AMC cable network's zombie series, The Walking Dead.


That's according to and All Things Digital report, which says the company is also set to announce its deal with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to develop a game based on the comic book series, Fables. (Welcome, game title confusion).

These join the recent Back to the Future game, along with a Jurassic Park title in a deal with Universal pictures. Telltale is going to be pretty busy, then.

There are no gameplay details or release ETAs, but more is expected to come from Telltale at a special event today.

Meanwhile, all zombie talk right now is focused around the incredible-looking Dead Island trailer which has been causing quite a fuss this week.

[ SOURCE: All Things Digital ]