Bulletstorm review: What do you want to know?

Give us your specific queries

Update: CVG's Bulletstorm review has now been published in full and is ready for you to check out.

Tuesday will bring CVG's own Bulletstorm review - complete with our opinion on every notable aspect of the game.

But you know what? Just as with Killzone 3, we're pretty sure you lot are going to want to be informed of some specific little things that won't pop into our heads.


Perhaps you'd like to know how Bulletstorm compares with other leading FPS games on the market, whether protagonist Grayson Hunt ever gets irritating or if your favourite gun is included as standard.

Whatever your personal query is, help is at hand. Stick anything you specifically want to know in the comments under this very story and we'll do our level best to answer it when review day comes around.

As with our Killzone 3 review, we can't promise we'll answer every single quandary, but we'll certainly try to satisfy the most pressing.

The floor is yours, readers...