Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

A lost gem

The 1995 on the title screen is the giveaway - this is a remake of a SNES game.

But don't let that put you off; truth is it fits PSP superbly. The isometric 2D and modest special effects aren't a patch on Disgaea, but the art style is charming and the scripting is excellent.

The plot sees the land of Valerian in a state of conflict as three groups are faced with a power vacuum and a struggle to gain leadership.

Bishop Branta of the royal court, Cardinal Barbatos of the Gargastan people, and Duke Ronway of the Walstanians are all fighting for control with Branta receiving aid from a group called the Roslolians on the side.

The conflict sets the stage for the beginning of the game as the player is greeted by scenes depicting the Roslolian Order's mysterious actions in Griate, the home town of main characters Denim Powell, Kachua Powell, and Vice Bozeg.

It's a turn-based game, but every character has an independent recovery time linked to use, so you're never left waiting for the AI to get a move on.

The battle system is surprisingly accessible and doesn't suffer from that modern over-eagerness to hold your hand. Our only real complaint is that it's not always obvious who's on which side when things get congested.

Coming from days when gameplay reigned over graphics, it's way more compelling than the likes of Mytran Wars, and using a character who's on his last hit-point to finish the opposing leader is damn special by any standards. Great stuff.

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The verdict

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