Bulletstorm review average hits 85 on Metacritic

Praise from all around for People Can Fly's shooter

CVG's praise-filled Bulletstorm review has helped propel the new FPS to a very respectable 85 average on Metacritic.


GamesRadar was equally enamoured with Bulletstorm, awarding it a stunning 10/10 score in its review, saying it has "genuinely evolved FPS gameplay" and that it offers "immense freedom and creativity of play".

Strategy Informer stuck a 95 on the game in its review, saying it's an "incredibly welcome breath of fresh air".

Elsewhere, Game Informer awarded the title 9.25, praising it for delivering "a boot-full of variety and originality to the stagnating FPS genre".

VideoGamer's review describes Bulletstorm as "not only a great game, but an important one, too". It says "the eight hour-odd campaign is fantastically well paced" and that "behind the f-bombs and dick-tits are some incredibly mature and well thought out mechanics".

GameSpot says Bulletstorm is a "fun, breezy, and puerile romp" that has "some neat weapons and mechanics". It awarded the title 8/10.

"Bulletstorm demonstrates the value of 'why' for action games," says IGN in its 8/10 review. The way the game "fits together results in something cool and memorable", and importantly it has "real character and heart to it".

PC Gamer's review sums up Bulletstorm as "a short sharp shock" that's "Fast. Frantic. Fatuous. Full-on. And yes, that other one: fun". The game received an 80 score in the review.

Epic has already announced the first paid DLC for Bulletstorm.