Patapon 3 arrives in April

PSN and UMD release confirmed

The third entry in the series of bizarre rhythm-action battle games, Patapon 3, will be out on UMD and PSN in US on April 12 for $19.99.


If you've never played it, Patapon is a unique game that has players rhythmically tapping buttons in different orders to relay commands to their team of Patapon fighters as they battle through 2D levels full of enemies.

In the latest game, the Patapon unlock a cursed treasure that unleashed great evil on the world and turning all the Patas into stone. All but one - the flag bearer Hatapon.

As Sony explains: "As there are no troops left, you the Mighty One, will fuse your essence with a fallen soldier and create a brand new hero, the UltraHero Patapon."

Fans can look forward to "new weapons, new levels, new characters and new online multiplayer adventures". Here's a new story trailer:

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