Modern Warfare 3 'reveal site' maker is discovered

And it's not Activision or EA...

The source of a 'Modern Warfare 3' teaser website has been traced to an Toronto, Canada-based production group.


The website, 'Findmakarov', was discovered late last week and pointed to a Call Of Duty unveiling at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, which kicks off on Monday. Yet Activision has denied any involvement with it.

Speculation then turned to EA, who some suspected could have been up to its old Activision-baiting tricks again?

But it's not that either. The site has been traced to an art/production group by the name of 'We can Pretend', who is apparently gearing up to release an unnamed project inspired by Call of Duty on March 2.

Apparently, "production sources" who worked closely on the project say it'll be "visually spectacular".

But it's not from a game developer, and it's not a game. And for getting us all excited over false pretences we're not even going to look at it. Yeah, we're bitter.

[ SOURCE: GameSlice ]