Crysis 2 won't use EA's Online Pass - report

Second-hand buyers won't have to pay extra for multiplayer, it's claimed

EA's controversial Online Pass system isn't being used for Crysis 2, according to reports.

During a Crysis 2 preview event in New York, Gamertag Radio reports it was told by one of the game's developers that the title won't use the Online Pass, which requires second-hand buyers to pay for access to multiplayer features.


As an independent developer working under the EA Partners program, Crytek was reportedly able to opt out of using the Online Pass, it says.

EA chief financial officer Eric Brown said last October that there had been "no significant" backlash to the then-new system, which was designed both to discourage and monetise second-hand game sales, as well as offer a way to fund the expenses of running online gaming servers.

We've emailed EA for comment.

[ SOURCE: Gamertag Radio ]