Infinity Ward clarifies 'new Call of Duty engine' comments

Developer also says it's hard at work on a "great project"

Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling has contacted CVG to clarify comments he made on Twitter this week regarding the developer's Call of Duty engine.

As previously reported, Bowling responded to a comment suggesting Activision and IW need to invest in a brand new engine for the franchise by stating that such a move would be "counter productive". Being a Twitter response limited to 140 characters, though, his message didn't come across as clearly as he would have liked.

He told us: "I was speaking hypothetically and from a top-line philosophy that building a ground-up engine is counter productive. [I was] not referring to any specific project, simply clarifying with that user that we never - for any game - build a 'brand new' engine, but iterate on a solid base as you noted in your article, adding what's needed and innovates it.


"The key point is the difference between inferring 'nothing new' and what we were actually discussing which was 'ground-up'. This is standard, as near every engine currently in use by us and other developers are iterations on their previous codebase."

Unsurprisingly, Bowling didn't drop any hints regarding the studio's current work when we pinged him back, but he reiterated that Infinity Ward has "a great team working on a great project".

Whatever Infinity Ward is up to, and we imagine it's a title set in the Modern Warfare universe, it will be going up against DICE's Battlefield 3 and the game's impressive-looking new engine, Frostbite 2.