Remedy: Alan Wake PC cancellation wasn't our call

Studio distances itself from decision

Nordic studio Remedy has told CVG that it didn't make the decision to cancel Alan Wake on PC.

Speaking at GDC 2011 in San Francisco today, Remedy boss Markus Maki and programmer Olli Tervo presented a spot called 'Alan Wake: The Writer Who Made Us Rewrite Our Engine', in which they discussed the reasons behind the game's lengthy six-year development cycle.


The game was originally planned to release on three platforms - PS3, PC and 360 - but, following a deal with Microsoft, Remedy dropped Sony's console from the mix.

Building the game primarily for the 360 caused a technical headache for a team whose pedigree was on PC, the pair explained. Remedy made Max Payne and its sequel on PC, after which Rockstar ported them to console.

Despite this and other issues - including the use of an original engine and over-scoping an open world environment - Remedy triumphed in the end. Maki noted that Alan Wake is a rarity in the modern games industry - as both the title itself and its two batches of DLC have not needed a single title update.

However, the mystery of the cancellation of the PC version of the game - announced by Microsoft in February last year - was not touched upon in the presentation.

Afterwards, CVG asked Maki to explain why the title was canned on the platform.

"I can't really discuss that," he said. "I will say that it wasn't a technological call. And it wasn't made in Finland."