Fight Night Champion - Where's cheapest?

Full price round-up inside...

This week sees the release of two big games, but if collecting and battling Pokemon isn't your thing EA has you covered with the punching men stuff in Fight Night Champion.


In CVG's Fight Night Champion review we called EA's latest boxer a "generally stunning package", with a few small issues.

We've put in some roadwork time and gathered all the best prices for the game for you to take your pick from.

First up is which has the title priced up at £39.89. It's worth noting that this is advertised as a exclusive featuring a playable 'young George Foreman' bonus. is selling Champion a little cheaper at £37.99.

Also selling the game for £37.99 is GameStation.

Elsewhere GameGears is listing the title on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for £39.15.

Disappointingly high-street retailers aren't offering the ridiculous discounts they usually do. Tesco has the game for £40.90 and Argos is sticking to the £39.99 RRP.

Head over to The Hut and you can pick up Fight Night Champion for £37.85.

Currently ShopTo seems to be the cheapest with both the PS3 and Xbox 360 version priced at £34.85. Or you can save an extra 25p at The Game Collection which has it priced at £34.60.

As always keep your eyes peeled for any particularly good deals and let us know in the comments below. We'll update the round-up and add in the best.