Homefront: Can it sneak up on COD and Battlefield?

Debate: Could THQ's FPS be the sleeper hit of the genre?

The first Homefront review score came in from OPM Italy on Thursday and it was a very impressive 9/10.

Considering that the FPS genre is an extremely crowded one with the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, and that Homefront itself is a completely new IP, that's a promising start for developer Kaos Studios.


But is it going to be enough to break up the reign of the two giants of the genre? It's a tough one to answer, especially considering that - while we don't know anything about the next Call of Duty - Battlefield 3 from EA and DICE is looking like an absolutely mind-blowing prospect.

We seem to be talking about the potential of COD killers and Battlefield beaters more and more these days, but maybe it's just enough to have a brand new title which turns the top two into a top three and gives us more AAA quality in war-based shooters.

How intrigued are you by Homefront? Does such a high review score push you closer to considering the Korean invasion FPS as an alternative to what we're used to, or are you still sceptical?