Modern Warfare 2 anti-hack patch hits PS3 tomorrow

Title update also on the way for PC and 360

Infinity Ward has completed a new patch for Modern Warfare 2 designed to address security issues that have affected online play on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The patch is due to launch for PS3 tomorrow, March 8, while release dates for Xbox 360 and PC are yet to be announced.


"In addition to the security updates, this patch will also address a small geo exploit on the map Fuel, which players exploited in order to get inside a rock on the outskirts of the map," Infinity Ward said.

Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling said in January that the studio hadn't given up the fight against PS3 hackers intent on ruining the game for legitimate players, but that it couldn't rectify widespread problems until Sony addressed PS3 security breaches.

[ SOURCE: Infinity Ward ]