Studio formed to make 'games for women'

Dev aims to attract non-traditional girl gamers

A pair of female games developers have launched their own studio with an aim to produce games aimed at girls.

Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch and Kirsten Forbes of Vancouver launched Silicon Sisters in July last year and are touting a unique approach to game development by targeting young girls as their audience.


"The core game world has not moved aggressively into the female space," says Gershkovitch about mainstream console games

"The casual and social gaming world has," she says, referring to massive success stories such as The Sims, or the more recent and rapidly expanding genre of app games like Angry Birds or Farmville.

The duo's first title is called School 26 - an RPG, which sees players take on the role of a high school student who helps her peer with personal and school-related problems.

Now, we know about three girls between us and, to be honest, they're pretty into their Dead Space. But then, Silicon Sisters isn't aiming for the female gamer that does happen to love a bit of COD.

"We're not concentrating on building games for those gals," says Gershkovitch, "because they've figured out what they want."

"We're building games for the rest of the girls out there - the girls who haven't yet broken into traditional gaming."

Like we said, there are plenty of girls out there who could give us blokes a run for our money on any hardcore game.

At the end of last year a particularly tenacious girl-gamer was brought to our attention when she hit 200,000 Achievements on the 360. Watch out chaps.

[ SOURCE: The Toronto Star ]