CVG readers rev up for Motorstorm Challenge

Countdown begins for Thursday's Apocalypse

Unleash chaos, that's the challenge awaiting a crack team of CVG readers this Thursday as they do battle for the honour of the site in Motorstorm Apocalypse, the latest instalment of Evolution Studios' fierce and frantic PS3 racing series.

With two of the PS3's top off-road racers in the original launch title Motorstorm and the excellent follow up Pacific Rift, the action now switches to an urban apocalypse where you not only have to battle the usual dirty mix of off-road vehicles and riders, but the very environment itself as you race through a city torn asunder for your racing pleasure.


It's a game we've already billed as one of the most insane racers ever and those plucky CVG runners and riders will be doing battle in a massive face off against other (lesser) gaming web sites' readers this Thursday March 10th at 18.45 so tune on in and be sure to lend them some support.

How can you do that? Well, we'll be streaming the event live on CVG, so just keep an eye out on the top box where a big promo will take you through to the racing action. It'll also be a chance to check out some of Motorstorm Apocalypse's racing lines before its release on March 14.

Don't forget if you fancy scoring yourself a free copy of Motorstorm Apocalypse and unique t-shirts and merch, you can enter the free Motorstorm UK competition, full details of which can be found by simply clicking here. Yours for the price of a retweet - bargain.