Battlefield 3 multiplayer 'can handle up to 256 players'

'But between 32 and 40 players is more fun' says DICE CEO

It's been established that Battlefield 3's multiplayer will allow for 64 players on PC and 24 players on console, but it's technically capable of up to 256 players.

That's according to DICE CEO Patrick Soderlund, who said that Battlefield 3 was capable as the same player count as current FPS quantity king MAG.


"A lot of people ask us about 64 versus 128 or 256 players. Technically, we can go to 256, we've tried it," he told Atomic MPC.

"We play tested with 128. You've got to make a game that's fun to play and, arguably, we think that the most fun you can have is when it's between 32 and 40 players."

We'd note that the reported multiplayer numbers on both console and PC are outside of the 'fun zone' that Soderlund outlines.

"We've done substantial research into this and tested 128 and that it's not fun," he continued.

"Maybe we haven't done our design work good enough, but we just feel like there's no point in going higher than 64."

EA has been reluctant to release too much in formation on Battlefield 3's multiplayer features just yet, but dedicated servers have been confirmed.

[ SOURCE: Atomic MPC ]