Batman: Arkham City - What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

We've actually seen Batman: Arkham City. Jealous?

Don't be, we've described it in beautifully detailed prose over in our Batman: Arkham City preview so that you can get at least 70 percent of the experience we did.

The point is, now that we have a good idea of the direction The Dark Knight is heading, we can recalibrate our expectations and demand, compared to last year when we were just making wild demands based on nothing but dreams.

Co-op, multiplayer, Robin, Nightwing; all out but seeing the game in action has thrown some new ideas and concerns (although only slight) to mind.

This was the number one thing we wanted to see in Rocksteady's sequel last year as soon as we put the pad down upon finishing Arkham Asylum and it's still something we have concerns about.

Our Arkham City preview didn't give us any hints as to what the new boss sections might have in store for us but a new screenshot may offer some insight - and we're not sure whether to be worried or not.


Basically, it's a big dude. The problem is we fought big dudes over and over again in Arkham Asylum - that was the problem. There was no variety.

This chap has found himself a mallet but lost himself an arm so we suppose there's a new dynamic there, but if the fight itself is based around dodging his attacks until he stuns himself and then going in for the counter, then that's not really much of a shake-up.

Still, let's not dismiss Rocksteady's second attempt before we've even see what's on offer. We just hope we get a good variety of creative end of section enemies this time around. We don't care how many arms they have.

Part of our preview saw Batman overlooking a room of almost 50 thugs as he prepared to attack. We almost did a Bat-wee when we realised the prospect of brawling with so many goons, it looked like we were going to witness the most epic round of CQC mastery in all of screen history.

As soon as Batman landed in the middle of the crowd though, a good 80 percent of the Arkham City inmates scattered leaving us with around ten to knock about. We fought ten goons in Arkham City, maybe more. In fact, that bit right near the end where you can either ignore Joker's men and their mock applause or go to town on them was perhaps the most satisfying fight in the game.

So let's up the ante. We felt a bit cheated when all those thugs ran from the fight and we can only hope that we get the chance to fight (and win) in a bout where the odds are substantially stacked against us later on in the game.

One of the other qualms a lot of Bat fans had with Arkham Asylum was that the Caped Crusader's Detective Mode gadget was too effective.

When stealthily clearing out a room of escaped inmates, for example, in one of the game's many Predator sections it was far too tempting to turn on the detective specs, highlighting every foe and tactical option, and leave them on for the whole of the beat-down.

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