Xbox 720: Are you ready for the next-gen?

Is it time for the next-gen or are whisperings starting too soon?

The next-generation of consoles is something that gets discussed and speculated upon regularly, but this week seems to have kicked up more mention of new machines than most others.

Microsoft has been the focus of attention particularly; the platform holder was spotted advertising for an engineer to "play a key role in the development and verification of the Xbox and future platforms" on Tuesday.


Adding fuel to the fire, Just Cause developer Avalanche told CVG that it believes Microsoft is working on a new platform although nothing is confirmed at the moment. Of course, we all expect the likes of Sony and Microsoft to be working on the next round of hardware, they probably have been in some sense for a while. It's just things may be gathering some extra pace in the Xbox camp.

Apparently it's not just Avalanche keeping an eye on the next-gen either, Gears of War developer Epic put out a next-gen tech demo during GDC that was very impressive indeed.

But are you ready for the next generation of consoles? Are you hankering for some new technology or do you think we should make do with and get the most out of the likes of Kinect, Move, the 3DS and NGP before we start about moving the bigger boxes forward?

If you are queuing up for the Xbox 720 and PS4, which one do you expect to hit the market first and what are you looking for besides the usual technological leap?