Uncharted 3 video shows hilarious Nolan North outtakes

As if we couldn't love him any more

An Uncharted 3 video emerged out of PAX 2011 over the weekend drawing back the curtain on the Naughty Dog action adventure title.

We get some glimpses of previously unseen gameplay but the handy-cam footage doesn't really do us any favours.

What does make the video worthwhile, however, is hearing voice-actors Nolan North (Nate Drake) and Richard McGonagle (Victor Sullivan) improvise lines over gameplay, often to hilarious effect, especially when the early build glitches.

The lighting, when it comes to the pair in the studio, is pretty much non-existent but it's the sound that counts:

Close Close

An interview with Uncharted 3 lead designer Richard Lemarchand last week revealed more about the game, in particular new villain Katherine Marlowe. Have a look if you haven't already.