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Valve: 'It would be fun to remake Half-Life 1'

Gabe Newell teases dream HD project - but probably won't "look back"

Valve boss Gabe Newell has teased that it would be "fun" to remake Half-Life 1 in HD.

But Valve-heads frothing at the mouth at the idea (and we include ourselves), remain calm: Newell clarified that it's not the studio's usual style to "look back".

Speaking in Steamcast Ep.48, Newell was asked if a modern remake of HL1 would include content that the company had to cut back in 1998.

"No, I think we'd just invent new stuff," said Newell. "I mean, I think we're much better game designers and developers than we were back then. It'd be fun to go back and do a remake."


Valve's Erik Johnson said: "It makes me laughs just thinking about this."

Newell then poured a bit of cold water on the the idea. He commented: "There's an unlimited amount of opportunities. I think that we would try and move forward."

He added: "You know, it's fun to think about that stuff but almost always you're better moving forward than you are looking back."

Johnson joked that if a remake did house cut content, "the Stukabat still wouldn't make it [in]".

The pair were questioned about Half-Life 3 but, once again, dodged any concrete answers. Valve's newest known game, Portal 2, is due for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC next month.

Who'd be up for a bit of Half-Life 1 in HD then, readers?

[ SOURCE: Steamcast Ep.48 ]