Bulletstorm 2: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

The brash, ballistic Bulletstorm has been swearing at you for some time now and we have to say its colourful, over-the-top action is a welcome addition to the usually sombre, desaturated world of FPS gaming.

We loved People Can Fly's kill-frenzied carnival of fun, stamping our Bulletstorm review with a 9.1 score in the end.

Was it perfect? Of course not, in fact, we've got a few major ideas for Bulletstorm 2 that would help the sequel make a massive step forward from its predecessor.

Oh look. Here they come now...

The folks over at People Can Fly gave us some pretty gnarly guns. A quad-barrelled shotgun? A sniper-rifle that allows you to move your victim before detonating them? A clamp-on grenade? All suitably extreme tweaks to classic designs but we think we can go crazier.


In fact, we'd like to be given the chance. We've always dreamt of the ultimate weapon creator, where an online deathmatch is made up of people with their own truly unique guns, grenades and other killing gizmos.

Weapon customisation is nothing new (although it's often limited to sticking a dot-sight on a rifle) and some games in the past have given us a crazy number of weapon-merging combinations, but in Bulletstorm 2 we'd like to be able to build a piece bit by bit.

Why not add another four barrels to that quad-shotgun, for example, if you're feeling really silly? You could have them firing in different directions as well, each with different rounds of ammo.

Failing full customisation (which we admit is ambitious and could detract from the main thrust of the game) it'd be good to be able to combine two of Bulletstorm 2's guns on the fly as we pick them up in the field; using the slow-mo, sniping head-hunter with clamp-on grenades as ammo, for example.

If you ask us, it's the kind of thing that would fit snugly in the world of Bulletstorm.

Bulletstorm was billed as having competitive multiplayer features and it did: in the form of your solitary efforts going on to a scoreboard for your friends to try and stop.


Yeah... That's not the kind of competition we're looking for. The system doesn't even seem to fit the Bulletstorm ethos.

On the one had we have incredible violent, loud-mouthed killing full of swears and explosions and big-booted celebration and on the other we have a very civilised score board and a "Here's my latest old chap, see if you can't best it by the 'morrow."

Bulletstorm is about getting in people's faces and not only killing enemies but absolutely owning a map in style and gloating about it. That's essentially the core of why FPS multiplayer has become so popular in the first place. Surely Bulletstorm is made for full competitive multiplayer.

We can see a few problems mechanically though: A lot of the weapons in Bulletstorm are powerful enough to demolish a double garage in one blast, never mind a soft, fleshy human. There'd be a lot of one-shot kills going around, to put it mildly.

Kicking opponents is fine on the surface - it'd just replace the melee we already have and we think it could be hilariously frustrating to be kicked across the map just before you're about to take a shot - as is making use of the leash in multiplayer.

Both would probably have to be slightly less effective though so that players aren't immobilised too easily and for too long, leaving them vulnerable to being shot up.

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