THQ 'doesn't want to kill pre-owned'

"We understand consumers like to monetise their game library," says CEO

THQ CEO Brian Farrell has told MCV that the publisher isn't intent on bringing down the pre-owned games market - because of its importance to consumers.

However, he said the market for used games is something punters, developers and publishers all have to have a say in.


"The most important thing is we have to participate in the value chain in used games," Farrell said. "We understand, given our focus on the gamer, that consumers like to be able to monetise their game library. So it is an ecosystem between publisher, gamer and retailer that just has to sort itself out."

THQ's strategy has been to adopt online pass codes, which ship with new copies of titles like Homefront and grant full access to online feature sets. Those who buy games second hand need to shell out to access all that's on offer multiplayer-wise.

"Part of it is monetising but the bigger win is keeping our gamers engaged with DLC and robust online play, and that keeps the disc in the first purchaser's hands," Farrell added.

THQ's creative director for wrestling games, Cory Ledesma, told CVG last year that "loyal fans" interested in buying games first-hand are more important than pre-owned buyers who 'cheat' developers.