EA ditching printed game manuals

Joins Ubisoft in effort to save money and paper

EA has quietly done away with printed manuals for its games, instead replacing them with manuals included on the game discs.

EA Sports spokesperson Rob Semsey has confirmed to Kotaku that the firm did away with manuals as of March 1, marked by the release of Fight Night Champion.


The move is to make its game production friendlier to the environment, according to Semsey, although we're sure the monetary benefits have a lot to do with it.

It's not clear if the decision applies company-wide or just for the EA Sports sector.

The move joins Ubisoft who ditched the paper printed game manual back in April 2010.

Game manuals are for mums and noobs, anyway. Admittedly, it's always exciting to rip open a game and have a flick through the manual on the way home from the shops, but when was the last time you read a manual before playing a game for actual instructions?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]