PlayStation Suite sits between mobile and premium games

Sony targeting audience between the two, says SCEE boss Andre House

Sony's PlayStation Suite will target an audience that sits somewhere between the core gamer and the casual mobile gamer, says SCEE president Andrew House.

PS Suite is a new digital game Store that will be available through multiple Sony platforms, set to debut in the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone) and also confirmed for the NGP (PSP2).


"[PlayStation Suite is] a response to the way consumer tastes have shifted. If you think about the audience for games as a pyramid, you have at the top the core gamers who want the most immersive games. They will naturally be the early adopters for NGP," House told MCV.

"Then if you look at the wider bottom of the pyramid, you have got a huge amount of activity in the area of casual mobile games. Much of the content free and, lets face it, rather difficult to navigate," he added.

"Our feeling, and our research bears this out, is that there's potential for an audience that sits in-between those two. An audience that wants a more quality gaming experience than they currently get from the mobile space - but they want the convenience of having that on their smartphone.

"So with that in mind, we thought if we were to open up the PlayStation experience towards a greater variety of Android devices, then we can perhaps serve that market. That is essentially the thinking behind PlayStation Suite."

Recent reports have rumoured that November 11 is Sony's planned NGP release date, although we remain skeptical of rumours that tout an exact date so soon.