BioWare warns of SWTOR beta scams

Multiple sites selling false testing accounts for The Old Republic

BioWare has warned of a number of ongoing Star Wars: The Old Republic beta scams.

"It has come to our attention that there are multiple individuals and sites claiming to sell testing accounts, 'beta keys', or other offers of access to our Game Testing Program," community manager Allison Berryman said on the SWTOR forums.


"All of these offers are false. BioWare is not issuing invites to Game Testing via any method other than those we outline here on We must caution you that these offers are often scams designed to steal your money, credit card information, or identity."

The studio added that the sale of genuine Game Testing Program accounts is strictly prohibited.

"We closely monitor the activities of all accounts involved in the Game Testing Program, and are quick to notice accounts that change hands. In the event that an account in the Game Testing Program does change ownership, we immediately take action to the fullest extent possible, including permanently banning the account from the service."

If you receive a genuine invite to the game testing process, it'll arrive via an email from However, there's more than a little bit of competition for places, with around 1.5 million gamers having registered their interest in being part of the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta.