Tragedy: NYPD shifts 3DS queuing man

BestBuy's night shift manager apparently takes issue with eager fan

The man they call 'Triforce', deemed a (slightly mental) champion of the people by CVG readers, has been told to leave his spot in front of Best Buy by New York police.

Triforce made headlines yesterday for being quite possibly the first man (outside of Japan of course) on the planet to get in line for a 3DS. He started queuing on Monday. The 3DS isn't out until Sunday. And it's freezing cold in The Big Apple right now. Yeah, we know - bonkers.

It turns out though, that his plans to give the 3DS such a ceremonious welcome have been hampered by a Best Buy manager with a bee in his bonnet.

According to Triforce, a change in shifts saw the arrival of new staff who don't see the point in his campaign and asked him to leave, calling the police when he refused. NYPD arrived and shifted him along.

But he has returned. Why? Because he's a champion.

[ SOURCE: Via Destructoid ]