Battlefield 3 is beautiful. But THIS is nature's finest.

Opinion: If you want innovation, move away from the millions says Tom Pakinkis...

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Okay, so Battlefield 3 looks absolutely stunning and it's sporting full-on environmental destruction, which I'm sure will be stupidly impressive. DICE's developers have waded through a ream of code far too complicated for my little brain to comprehend. But its impressive physics will ultimately always come second in the priority stakes to headshots and hand-grenades.

Meanwhile, From Dust is doing something largely unrestricted by conventional game-building rules, whilst boasting a technical prowess that will be the envy of many more explosive CoD clones. It's a mesmerising showcase for ingenious, cost-friendly development.


Chahi claims that the more money a game has to call upon, the less creativity it will ultimately have to offer. Music to Ubisoft's ears, no doubt - because he's building a creation which can rumble with the industry's cash cows in the looks department, and embarrass them with its imagination.

Before things get a bit 'student protest', that's not because the fat cats with the money are sucking imagination out of games. It's simply because, with millions at stake, the triple-A arena is not one to take risks in.

Ubisoft have realised as much, and apportioned a low-trouble chunk o' change to a man who can stretch every dollar to the max; through creativity, rather than cost-saving.

So, sand is a bitch. It genuinely does get everywhere. And if the potential of Chahi's latest invention is fully realised, that really should include your Xbox 360, PC or PS3 later this summer.

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