Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - First details

Team-based prequel hitting 360 and PS3 this winter

The first details on long-rumoured Resident Evil title, Operation Raccoon City have arrived via Official Xbox Magazine US.

Confirming rumours from last year, the mag says SOCOM Confrontation developer Slant Six Games is currently working on the new Resi game, which is a team-based shooter allowing four players to take on roles as USS soldiers out to destroy all evidence of the original Resident Evil 2-era outbreak - zombies and survivors.


The game features three factions that Capcom has stated make up a "three-corner conflict"; the US Spec Ops, who are there to repel the USS, and the "bio-organic weapon monsters (BOWs) created by Umbrella.
Hunk, first seen in Resident Evil 2, is the inspiration behind the USS team, which is made up of the following characters; Vector, Beltway, Bertha, and Spectre. Depending on which character you choose your responsibilities within your team will differ, says OXM.

The gameplay is described as "dirty", and will apparently feel much darker than the series has up to this point.

"Whichever team you play on, you'll be facing Umbrella-created horrors in between skirmishes with each other," it says.

Operation Raccoon City, depending on how you play the game, will give you the option to "change the history of Resident Evil," says OXM. Not only will you have the chance to meet and interact with various characters from the series, but you'll even have the opportunity to kill them - including Resi 2 protagonist Leon Kennedy.

The game's planned for Xbox 360 and PS3 this winter. Hopefully we'll get some more info - and media - soon.

[ SOURCE: Stickskills ]