Crysis 2: Your verdict

Debate: Tell us about your weekend with Crytek's latest...

As you probably gathered from our glowing Crysis 2 review, we thought Crytek's triple A FPS sequel was an absolute stunner, especially in the looks department.

Since the sci-fi shooter was dispatched for duty on Friday those of you who made a day one purchase have had a good weekend to get to grips with the new Nanosuit and we wouldn't be surprised if a good chunk of you have played it to completion.


So, what do you think? Did we get it right? Were you similarly mesmerised by Crytek's optical offering? Graphics aside, how does Crysis 2 hold up in terms of gameplay, especially considering the stiff competition it's rubbing muscular shoulders with in the FPS genre.

There are always going to be question marks placed over some versions of any cross-platform killer prior to its release, maybe you want to talk up Crysis 2 on your particular machine of choice, or maybe you want to raise some issues.

If you're yet to swoop in for Crysis 2, what's holding you back?

We want your thoughts in the comments section below, so get chatting.