Nintendo 3DS: Handheld revolution or plain gimmick?

Share your first impressions of Nintendo's handheld...

The Nintendo 3DS arrived in Europe and North America this weekend seeing the long wait for glasses-free 3D finally come to an end.

If you swooped in for a day-one purchase you've probably had little time over the weekend in which you haven't been seeing an extra dimension behind your gaming screen.


But we want to know just HOW much of an impact 3DS has had on your gaming life; do the 3D visuals have as much of a wow factor as you'd hoped, or after extended play are they just a bit of a gimmick?

Do the games even need 3D magic to be impressive? How does the 3DS launch line-up compare to what Nintendo's put out in previous years?

As always share your thoughts with us in the comments below and we'll nab the best ones for a follow-up article later this week.