Meet the real-life Chell from Portal 2

"No one has ever recognised me!" claims her inspiration - as Valve unveil Chell's controversial, racy new look

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In terms of the difference between working in movies & commercials versus videogames... its really a difference between live action and being on a set versus doing everything on computer. As fascinating and advanced as it is for one person to be able to control angles, lighting, movement and color all in a machine I'm a people person and don't love sitting in dark rooms for too long.

You've worked in a variety of roles, recently as a director - how has this affected your view of the creative process? What do you think would be most challenging about directing a videogame?

Directing a feature hasn't necessarily changed my view of the creative process since I've been directing short films and other projects since 2003 but I fall in love with the creative process more every time I do it. The energy and excitement I feel when I'm directing is something unparalleled in my life thus far. I would imagine that directing a videogame would be just as exhilarating plus challenging in ways that I can't even imagine. I would be constantly wanting to test the game along the way to make sure it would be something I would want to play. Making something fun and cool that's challenging but not frustratingly so would be big for me since I always skip the tutorials and am ridiculously impatient. Creating the worlds and creatures would be a dream though.

How do people react when they find out you're the model for Chell? What's the most memorable reaction you've had? Has anyone ever recognised you as Chell by looks alone?

Wish I had some cool story to tell about this but nope, no one has ever just recognized me as Chell. I've had a few 'that's awesome!'s in the past but that's about it.

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