No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise - A heroes' welcome to the PS3?

Travis touches down...

If you didn't get the chance to play the original Wii version then Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is basically No More Heroes: The Movie.

It features energy swords and enemies that explode into coins. But, rather than seven evil exes, No More Heroes star Travis Touchdown has to eliminate 11 rival assassins.

If you haven't seen or played either, then its re-release on to PS3 is a real treat. No More Heroes really embraces geek culture, with its fascination with wrestling and anime, references to Tarantino movies and, er, playing with kittens and mowing of lawns.

Imagine all that then combine it with violence and foul language. You're there. But how's it currently looking on PS3?

Well, it retains the visual style and deliberately pixellated instruction symbols. It's also regained the gushing fountains of blood and gore that were removed from the European Wii release along with a dozen new missions and more boss battles.

It also works pretty well with a regular controller (gesture-based finisher moves are recreated with the thumbsticks), and just like the Wiimote with Move.

We did note that levels that were acceptable on Wii look a little sparse on PS3 but hey, we challenge you to find another game that was ported from Nintendo's console to Sony's.

Plus, a little bit of introspective piss-taking keeps us on our toes...

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