Nintendo unworried by GAME's 3DS pre-owned shenanigans

Tesco stock resale won't "significantly" affect launch numbers, says platform holder

Nintendo UK has told CVG that it's unconcerned by GAME's resale of Tesco 3DS stock.

As reported earlier, GAME management encouraged staff to purchase 3DS units and games from Tesco on launch night last week - and then resell them as pre-owned stock.

Nintendo is poised to release its UK launch sales data this week - raising an obvious concern that GAME's shenanigans could have cost the platform holder vital new unit transactions.

However, a Nintendo spokesperson told CVG: "We believe the level of this activity to be very, very minimal and as such believe it will not significantly influence our final GfK Chart Track number."


GAME's 3DS pre-owned trick isn't the first time the company has taken advantage of the supermarket deals. In 2008, then CEO Lisa Morgan admitted that store staff had been encouraged to buy Xbox 360 stock from Sainsbury's for resale.