FEAR 3: Frightfest or just another FPS?

And you thought your family was dysfunctional...

Uncomfortable situations at family gatherings are common, but meeting the ghost of the brother you shot in the head? That takes the biscuit.

To make protagonist Point Man's life even worse, his insane mother is currently giving birth to a monster and psychic ripples timed with her contractions are ravaging the town of Fairport.

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Locked together with the sneering voice of his brother Paxton Fettel, and fighting alongside him in co-op, it's no wonder he's too embarrassed to speak.

There may still be mechs and slo-mo, but developers Day 1 are genuinely mixing F.E.A.R. up.

The slow-paced exploration of a vast Cash and Carry superstore for example, where bodies hang from meat hooks and banks of televisions flicker with silhouettes of skittering freaks, will suddenly turn into a full-on melee attack from a group of Condemned-inspired cultists.

Best of all is the fact that when you play as the ghostly Fettel in co-op you can possess these nutters: using them as meatshields and brutalising 'em.

This video is no longer available

F.E.A.R. 3 might not be in the first class carriage of the hype train, but if it pulls off its new blend of sparring co-op it'll at least get a seat with a table.

What we seem to have is the Usual F.E.A.R. goodness mixed in with Condemned brutality and ghostly co-op.