Battlefield 3 release date spotted on EA Download Manager

Mark November 2nd in your diary

The Battlefield 3 release date may well have just been given away by the EA Download Manager - and if true, we'll be looking at a very possible dust up with Modern Warfare 3.

Activison's yet-to-be announced inevitability annually tends to launch in mid-November.


If the Battlefield 3 release date on EA Store is accurate - and it would be odd for the publisher to use such an accurate placeholder on its own site - EA could steal the march on its FPS rival by a full week.

November 2 is a Wednesday, which would make it at odds with the usual US release date day of Tuesday, whilst major games usually hit Europe on a Friday. For a title as big as Battlefield 3, however, a worldwide 'event' release date would not be too much of a wild surprise.

EA released a brand new Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer this week. If you haven't seen it, it's very much worth your time. Check it out below.

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