'I'll let EA and Activision duke it out' - Operation Flashpoint dev

Codemasters says its shooter is in "a very different space" to Call of Duty

Operation Flashpoint: Red River will jump into the FPS fray later this month, but creative director Sion Lenton doesn't have his sights set upon the top spot just yet.

In fact, he's quite happy to sit back and watch the big boys of first-person shooting scrap over first place, while Codemasters offers something quite different to gamers.

"I think we've got a longer gameplan," he told CVG. "If I'm being honest I'm going to step to one side and let EA and Activision duke it out.

"I'm actually much more interested in being in a very different space from those guys, hence the co-op side of things and also that kind of authenticity that we have here which is almost that reportage style, a gritty documentary style.

"You don't have to throw yourself on a nuclear bomb to protect your friends; you're not doing any of that at all. As opposed to kind of a direct attack, we're trying to be a bit more subtle, creating our own space and hopefully we can get people over.


"I don't know about you but I've started to sense a little bit of genre fatigue, for want of a better word, and I think - I know I am myself - people are yearning for something a little more different," he added. "Something that challenges them a little more, I think that's the kind of thing we're trying to offer here.

"It's a more cerebral game, you're not rewarded for how quick you are but for how smart you are. You're rewarded for how you remember and learn what happens and how you deal with that, and you're rewarded by teamwork, which is the bastion and central premise of the game."

The latest Operation Flashpoint: Red River gameplay trailer focuses on a small group of US soldiers facing off against a much larger Chinese one, and highlights the need for quick strategic thinking in the face of overwhelming odds.