No new Quantic Dream games in 2011

But David Cage says "we'll see" on E3 appearance

Quantic Dream boss David Cage has confirmed to CVG that the studio won't be releasing a successor to 2010's Heavy Rain this year.

Speaking in a new interview, Cage revealed that Sony would be on publishing duties for two new titles, which he described as "very different" - both to Heavy Rain and each other. He said the titles would have a "different tone and different gameplay, but still [be] based on concepts of narrative, storytelling and emotions". CVG previously revealed that Quantic's new brace of titles would be exclusive to PS3.


When we asked Cage if we might see either of the new games at E3 in June, he replied:

"This is in discussion right now with Sony. We'll see. I can't really answer anything on release dates. We are in production right now, so nothing will be coming out this year for sure."

Elsewhere in the interview, Cage suggested that the Dualshock-style controller was on the way out, and that Move and Kinect were a step towards a more immersive control system in gaming.

"Maybe there will be more devices in the near future in the same direction [as Move] but which work slightly differently that will open new ground," he said. "I can clearly see how DualShock is the end of an era and we need to move to something else as an industry. I don't know if Kinect or Move are the ultimate answer. It's up to console manufacturers to bring [a new device]. But something will happen, hopefully soon."