Gran Turismo spawns (expensive) clothing line

High-end shirts and jackets now available

Here's something that you never knew you wanted (and probably still won't);a Gran Turismo clothing line.

Those who might be be slightly tempted by the admittedly slick looking clothing should pay special attention to the price of each product in the Gran-Turismo Boutique.

The Gran Turismo Endurance Jacket, which has a strong water-resistant shell, plus a stand-up collar and fleece lining to keep you warm will set you back $199.00 excluding taxes and shipping charges.

The GT Track Jacket, which the boutique describes as a "stylish and sleek (*Track) Jacket loaded with functional details and subtle GT touches" is priced at $149.00 and the Water Resistant Windbreaker is listed for $169.00.


At the lower-end of the ridiculous price-spectrum is a long-sleeve white shirt with a bit of fabric at the bottom and a Gran Turismo logo - $29.00. It's also available in grey with short-sleeves for $24.00. Don't all rush at once.

Nissan, Sony and Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital have picked the 16 lucky PS3 gamers who'll head to UK for the finals in the US GT Academy tournament.

[ SOURCE: Gran Turismo Boutique ]