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Sex in games, Crysis 'crysis' and Mass Effect 3

Naked puppet dancing? Elf sex? Gay dwarves? In the new PSM3 podcast, we debate why the sex scenes in Dragon Age 2 look so uncomfortable, plus why no developer has 'done' videogame rumpty convincingly yet. Only yesterday, BioShock creator Ken Levine claimed that no game had done a decent job of making sex look realistic, comparing it to 'puppets with their clothes off'. PSM3 deals with a contentious topic in typical adult fashion: tittering like babies while making relentless crass innuendos, with the occasional salient suggestion. Fear not - we talk about Mass Effect 3 (no spoilers, don't worry), Crysis 2 and PSN hacking too...

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On today's podcast, PSM3 Editor Dan 'That won't make the final edit, Steve, so stop talking' Dawkins is joined by Andrew 'surprising knowledge of illegal hacking scene' Kelly, and Steve 'I'm going to say it anyway' Williams. Plus, Andy 'clear views on dwarf sex' Hartup. We tried underlaying a 1970s seedy jazz funk soundtrack, but that only made things worse.

We also attempt to play movie scene role play game, YooStar 2 live, which spectacularly backfires for technical reasons. Don't worry - you can watch Scotsman Andy Kelly 'be' The Terminator, by clicking this link to our PSM3 YouTube channel. Warning: also contains a startling seduction of Stifler's mom.

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