Fallout: New Vegas 'Honest Hearts' DLC screens leaked

Screen captures reportedly taken from a briefly leaked trailer

New screenshots taken from a supposedly leaked trailer further support rumours that Fallout: New Vegas will be receiving a DLC update by the title of 'Honest Hearts'.

The DLC pack was first mooted last month by 'retail sources' who revealed nothing other than it was expected out by the end of March. That time has obviously passed, but new rumours support the claim that DLC of that title is on its way.


According to reports, Bethesda briefly prematurely made like a trailer for the DLC on YouTube. It was swiftly removed (as you can see here) but not before this keen forum user took a few small screen captures of it in action.

The shots don't show much other but there is what looks like a title screen clearly donning the hinted name.


[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]