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Bulletstorm: 'We're secretly hoping that you start seeing people influenced by the skillshot system'

Cliff Bleszinski and Adrian Chmielarz talk about the crazy new shooter...

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Everyone is going to see the scores on the screen and the unique weapons, but how does introducing those systems affect your designers' jobs?

AC: It was extremely challenging because on one hand you have this idea of a system, the less control you have over the system the better. You can change weapons any time, and we don't place the rocket launcher right before the sequence with a helicopter, for example.

We worked very hard to lose control over the system but on the other hand, of course, when you have a single-player campaign and you want to direct it right, you want direction and you want focus. So it was like trying to marry fire and water; it was very hard to do.


CB: It affected your level designers also - they had to start thinking about where can I position all the stuff that you can impale guys off, or ledges. You're looking at it like a pool game - your gun is your cue stick, your enemy is your cue ball, and then the bumpers or the sides of the pool table are the level. Suddenly they have to start thinking differently about where they place things with regards to giving the player this fun playground.

What features from Bulletstorm do you want other developers to steal?

CB: I'm deep down secretly hoping that you start seeing people influenced by the skillshot system. Adrian keeps bringing up this amazing fact that if you kill someone and only get ten points you're disappointed, as opposed to being like "yay, I vanquished him." It re-arranges your thinking about how you play a shooter, which is what cover did, and it's great in my opinion.

AC: That's what I'm hoping for. You play another game after Bulletstorm and you realise that the only reason you're killing these people is to see what's next. But is what you're doing really fun? Are you really owning this?

Are you just playing somebody else's dream or is this you? Do you own that battlefield? You can use a better narrative to cover that fact, or you can maybe use a gameplay solution like a skillshot system. I'm hoping we're pushing this genre forward.

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