DICE prepped for Xbox 720, PS4 arrival, Battlefield 3 pushing current consoles to 'absolute limit'

Frostbite 2.0 is capable of scaling to next-gen, says studio

The console versions of Battlefield 3 will push Xbox 360 and PS3 to their technical limits, according to DICE - and the studio isn't scared by the prospect of Microsoft or Sony unveiling a new home system tomorrow.

The stunning trio of trailers for BF3 released by EA to date have wowed viewers, but many have questioned whether the gorgeous visuals can be replicated on non-PC hardware.


DICE executive producer Patrick Bach told CVG that he was confident BF would be "if not the best-looking console game this year, up there with the competition", adding that his goal was to "prove it rather than talk about it".

Bach then told us that the game was pushing both 360 and PS3 to the "absolute limit", so we asked if DICE had a watchful eye on the next generation from Sony and Microsoft - and if the lauded Frostbite 2.0 engine could cope with a new generation.

A confident Bach replied: "I don't know what the big corporations are thinking but definitely we are desperate to move on into the next generation. I think Battlefield 3 will look like a next-generation game and all the technology we're building, the whole Frostbite 2 system - the animations, audio, everything - is trying to aim for a couple of years in the future, rather than looking at what we have today.

"We are already there. If [Microsoft or Sony] were to release a new console tomorrow, the engine would scale onto that platform, because we have been looking at not only the PC technology today but also speculating what will happen tomorrow when it comes to these things. So everything from our streaming technologies [to] rendering technologies is scalable onto future platforms."

Look out for our full interview with Patrick Bach soon. Battlefield 3 is due to launch in the autumn.

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