New Kirby DS game revealed

Atsumete! Kirby, or 'Gather! Kirby', does 2D platforming later this year

A new Kirby game is in the works for the good old DS and will be out in Japan before the year's out.

So reveals Japan's Famitsu magazine, which reveals the first details for the game, titled 'Atsumete! Kirby', which translates directly as 'Gather! Kirby', according to 1up.


It's described as a traditional side-scrolling 2D platformer, only Kirby won't have his classic ability to eat and clone enemies. Instead, this game's key mechanic is in giving the player control of up to 10 Kirby characters at once.

All controls are handled via the touch screen. You direct the Kirbies by tapping the screen, double-tapping to make them run, towards a star that appears where you touched. When the Kirbies reach the star they hold onto it allowing you to move them around directly. If one dies, you can direct other Kirbies to revive them before the turn into angels and float away.

Using this unique-sounding control method, you navigate the Kirbies through enemy-filled levels. Atsumete! Kirby is due to release in Japan 'before the end of the year'. There's no word on a western release.

Kirby's most recent outing was the easy but ridiculously charming Kirby's Epic Yarn.

[ SOURCE: 1Up ]