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In reality that's all there is to it but such a simple premise proves to be immensely enjoyable and more fulfilling than you could understand from just reading about it. Watching petals join together in a subtle blend of light and music, breathing life into thousands of individual grass blades is a zen-like experience.

Flower is one of the most elegantly crafted game experiences of all time and definitely worth a purchase.

If there ever was a game that would benefit from stunning 1080p visuals it would definitely be the futuristic racer series Wipeout. A joy to watch, Wipeout zooms by in glorious high definition at 60 frames per second, making it one of the best looking downloadable titles out there.

Wipeout HD brings together the best aspects of the two PSP outings, Pure and Pulse, to create a refined racing package. The focus is still on hardcore racing action supplemented by weaponry to take down your opposition, but it is a polished experience with a great selection of ships, interesting weapons and tracks available.

Wipeout's single player is tough as nails but online play for up to eight players is offered meaning that potential frustrations can be taken out against unassuming players online. With a huge wealth of content included, Wipeout HD is fantastic value for money for any PS3 owner.

The Pixeljunk series is one of the best available on PSN and Pixeljunk Shooter is a great example of why this is the case.

Shooter sees players commanding a little ship that you fly through caverns, saving endangered miners scattered throughout the levels while fighting various enemies. Sounds simple, but the main gameplay hook is the environmental hazards that fill these caverns, most of which are handled by fluid dynamics.

The game starts with just water and lava but as the it progresses more elements such as ice and flammable gas come into play and combine for some really awesome effects and gameplay implications.

Like other Pixeljunk titles, co-op is available and proves to be great fun to head into the caverns with a buddy and work together to save the miners.

Great flight games are sorely missing-in-action this generation but Warhawk definitely helps to plug that gap with a great take on aerial combat, as well as on-foot combat.


Warhawk is a multiplayer-only title but there's a lot there for those who like taking the fight to the skies. With up to 32 players online you'll find a lot of aircrafts buzzing around and engaging dog-fighting, this gives it a unique feel compared to many other shooters out there.

Coming with five different maps and multiple game modes such as deathmatch, capture the flag and a zones mode Warhawk doesn't reinvent the genre but what it does offer is a very polished effort. The servers are still well populated since its release in 2007 which show that Warhawk is still up there as a great shooter to this day.

Street Fighter II is a game that has seen a release in some form on almost every platform in existence, but this HD remix is the definitive version of the seminal title.

Never have 2D the character models looked so good. Special moves have been visually tweaked to vibrantly burst across the screen and the standard Street Fighter mechanics have been fine-tuned to perfection. Playing as the World Warriors feels familiar and yet new at the same time, the tweaks provide a host of new things to discover about each character and new strategies to develop and learn.

A new online mode and a kickin' soundtrack from OC Remix add to the fresh experience but most importantly the addictive gameplay of Street Fighter II remains.

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