Wii 2's 'screen' controller: Is this what it will look like?

Show us your mock-ups, Photoshop fans...

Supposed first details on Nintendo's next console controller design have flooded on to the internet this weekend.

First CVG revealed that the console's controller will feature a built-in high-resolution screen. IGN later backed up our report, adding that the display will be a touch screen.


Later French site 01net - which was first to reveal specs on Sony's NGP - piped up with more specific claims.

The site claimed the new Nintendo controller will feature a six-inch touch screen, a front-facing camera, D-Pad, two bumpers, two triggers and "possibly more," and can allegedly be used as a Wii sensor bar.

Using the information we've gathered so far, we've managed to knock up our own mock-up - but we'd like to see your own interpretations.

Fire up the Photoshop (or erm, MS Paint) and show us what you think the Wii 2 controller will look like in the comments below...