Hunted The Demon's Forge: Is it a fantasy romp worth paying attention to?

The devil's in the details...

Those of you tired of the same old sights will be pleased to hear Hunted doesn't follow the average fantasy rulebook.

The staple orc, goblin and troll bad guy bestiary has been ignored in favour of new creations such as twisted Wargar warriors and dread Demons.


In Hunted's world of Kala Moor, the monsters have been drinking a viscous, silvery liquid that makes them ten times stronger and 20 times angrier than their natural selves. And the target for these beasts' pent-up frustration is none other than you, of course.

Both of you, that is. Hunted's a two-player adventure but solo play lets you control both human Caddoc and elf E'lara by switching characters at set locations.

Really, however, you'll want to play as part of a pair. Whether it's buffing during combat or healing when health is low or simply opening doors together, Hunted's duo are forced to co-operate at least every few minutes.

Only Caddoc can budge certain obstacles, while only E'lara's bow and arrow can light certain pyres. You know the score.

Yet it's not your typical hack 'n' slasher, that's for sure. A Gears-esque cover system exists for a reason: bloke and lass wield a crossbow and bow respectively, and thinning out armies at a distance is vital if you want to stay in one piece before wading in with blades and axes.

Still, despite our sound tactics we fell foul of a number of glitches. Hunted's far from impressive right now but thankfully there's still time for the coding kinks to be bashed out.

More encouraging is the 'map generator' mode that exists outside the '20-hour' main story quest. Not only should it boost longevity; it could be a key feature to help further distinguish Hunted from its main competitors Lord of the Rings: War in the North and Dungeon Siege III.

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